Dark Dreams

dark dreamsKensington Books
August 2004




. . . few possess the courage to gaze into the dim corners of darkened rooms…to face what lurks in lonely places…to traverse the world of the dead. They are the gifted ones.  Bear witness to their power as two girls call forth hidden talents to combat an unholy enemy.  Sense it in the calm diligence of a solitary black soldier sent to probe a series of bizarre deaths in a Tokyo shattered by World War II. Smell it in the antiseptic halls of a hospital where a lonely janitor mops the floors by night, aware suddenly of a ghostly presence at his side.


…and the cursed cringe. These are the bedeviled, the lost ones. Watch as they submit to the alluring songs of sultry sirens, only to be consumed by witchery on the scorched shores of a Caribbean beach. Feel the air thicken with dread just before dawn as a woman faces a chilling figure on an ominous mission.

Experience terror in every tingling tale of this spellbinding anthology. From family legends to African lore…from ancient horror reborn in the jungles of Brazil to mysterious treasure recovered in a suburban garage…from weird obsession to forbidden possession, these stories will make your blood pulse, your heart pound, and your mind race.

So settle in for a long, strange night—but don’t expect sweet dreams…

Featuring short stories by:


Tananarive Due

Steven Barnes

Brandon Massey

Robert Fleming

L.A. Banks

Christopher Chambers

Linda Addison

…and many others.