thunderland by brandon masseyKensington Publishing
Published December 2002

Trade paperback
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Days after a devastating gale rips through his town and nearly takes his life, young Jason Brooks wakes up to a whole new world. His mother-once a neglectful, angry drunk-has given up the bottle to spend more time with him. His father-largely absent for most of Jason’s life-is making an honest effort to mend his troubled marriage. And shy, self-conscious Jason has made friends-at last. The whole family is well on the way to recovery-and to finding the happiness that in the past has proved so elusive.

But then the nightmares start…

The stalker creeps into the bedroom. He bends down, slowly lifting the bedspread. He lifts it higher…and Jason wakes up screaming, his heart thudding in his chest.

And strange things begin to happen…

Cryptic messages appear on the bathroom mirror. Clothing flies about the room. The bed rises in the air…and thumps back to the ground. And always, in the distance, thunder roars…

Because someone-or something-is coming.

For Jason…